When using good project management processes, the first profit is a decrease of schedule variance and so increasing predictability. The next profit is a shift in mean process performance leading to shorter and more cost effective time cycles.

CMMI Profits: Schedule

The basic input for good Project Management are good estimates of the to be performed activities. A good estimation method provides lower variance in estimates, which also leads to more reliable historical data, which can be used for future projections.

CMMI Profits: Estimations

CMMI Profits: Error Rate

 A good set of engineering procedures will result in better specifications, a better design and a more robust implementation. The policy is to ‘do it the first time right’ and to prevent unplanned rework and redesign. This also leads to a more stable product with a higher quality.

CMMI Profits: Post Release Defects


The SEI published data of 60 organizations that have measured performance improvement in the categories of cost, schedule, productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. The average improvement in performance varied between 14% (customer satisfaction) and 62% (productivity). However, these results do not guarantee that applying CMMI will increase performance in every organization in the same way.

 CMMI Profit: Overview

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