“The end of poverty starts with education”


In 2000, the Eindhoven MOV-Woensel-Oost Foundation has started a High School education program for girls of the poor Boran tribe in East Kenya to improve the future possibilities for these women.
The expectations with the local organization are agreed in clear contracts and the coordination is supported by the well-known Cordaid-foundation and a local Education Officer.
There are no in-between persons, who have to receive part of the donation money.
The MOV-Woensel-Oost Foundation is ANBI registered.



The MOV-Woensel-Oost has close contact with the local organization and is directly involved in the education program. E.g. study results are evaluated each half year. The goal is that yearly 20 girls can take part of this education program.


“An investment in the education of a boy is an investment in an individual.
An investment in the education of a girl is an investment in a family and so in the community”.


Every month Argo Consultancy donates the MOV-Woensel-Oost Foundation.

For more information see MOV-Woensel-Oost Foundation.