Argo Consultancy is certified to perform audits for the DEKRA. After an extended training period, with al lot of training courses, but also with a large series of guided trainings-audits and successfully finalized with an examination audit.
Being a subject specialist on my technical area (Active Devices), was a must for the DEKRA for having added value to her customers.

On a regular basis the DEKRA observes all their contractors during an audit to be sure that the audits are performed well, as they expected.

On a regular basis the RvA audits Notified Bodies (as the DEKRA) on being compliant with the auditing standards.
The RvA also observe audits performed by the DEKRA. I once have had the honor of being (successfully) witnessed by the RvA.

During the years I have followed a lot of trainings in the area of Vigilance, Risk Management, CE-marking, FDA-QSR, which are very helpful during the certification audits.