Below customers provide their impressions of their collaboration with Argo Consultancy and about their CMM(I) experiences.  For more details about the jobs themselves, see: CV.


Gerard Majoor Site Manager - Philips HealthTech


Hans did lead the creation of our FDA-compliant Quality System from 2014 to mid 2016. He did define a very practical framework, and did lead the successful implementation. He did this with a very positive mindset and radiation that ensured that people did realize their procedures because they saw the benefit. This was a major endeavor, of course with many hurdles, yet Hans never gives up. His drive and energy were essential for the completion. Next to that he is an optimist, and always wants to help people. So Hans is certainly a great person to take the Quality System to the next level.
Henri de Haas  QMS Manager - Philips HealthTech


Hans is a hands-on quality professional making quality work in an organization. Keeping it simple and to the point he still knows how to assure regulatory compliance for companies in the medical devices field.
Besides having these right job qualifications, Hans is a nice guy and pleasant colleague to work with, so certainly recommended to get the job done.
Rony Toussaint Plant Manager Terumo Europe (Belgium)


Hans supported us a few months with the preparation for an FDA-Inspection. We made use of his FDA-expertise to review NonConforming Product Reports and, if needed, to complete them with the necessary steps. To assure this improved way of working, Hans has adapted our NCR-process and trained the relevant persons.
During this short cooperation, I reward Hans for his QA-knowledge, specific the FDA-related, and for his team-spirit.
David Aubert General Manager - Philips Light&Health Venture

2011 - 2012

Thanks to his expertise, Hans has helped the Light & Health team to develop its knowledge on quality and get the organization compliant with the ISO 13485 norm. His drive and dedication were key factors to realize this achievement in a very short period of time.

Eva Wisse Product Manager - Philips Light&Health Venture

2011 - 2012

Hans is a dedicated QMS specialist that builds Quality Management Systems with a constant eye for the team he is building it for, tailor made. One of his greatests strengths is getting high commitment from this team, since he is a real teamplayer. His detailed knowledge on Quality requirements combined with strong organisational skills makes him very valuable for any team!

Carlo D'Adda R&D Manager FIMI (Italy)

2005 - 2009

Hans has, based on his long experience, trained and driven the FIMI-people in the CMMI-process. He was very cooperative and proactive, always suggesting, removing blocks and preparing good detailed documentation for a better structured process.

In the startup phase of CMMI implementation, we cannot support it effectiveness with hard evidence yet. However the quality improvement process, which was defined according to CMMI as well, turned out to be  a well structured process that in the business environment deserves to be better understood and applied, resulting in a continuously improving FIMI situation.

Horst Underberg SQA-Officer  APM /PLDS (Germany)

2002 - 2005

Until Summer 2005, Hans Jonker was our SPI consultant of Automotive Playback Modules (APM). He improves the quality of our software process development and makes it able to have a successful re-certification of Sw-CMM in the automotive area. His knowledge within several process areas like Requirements Management, Project Management and Subcontracting is outstanding. Hans Jonker's encouragement was definitive important to define and implement the process improvement activities.

In the year 2009 Hans Jonker was our co assessor during our re certification for our meanwhile "renamed" company PLDS (Philips LiteOn Digital Solutions). Also in this role he demonstrates his excellent knowledge. 

Boudewijn Verstraelen Managing Director Pie Medical Imaging

2002 - 2004

During 2002 to 2004, Hans Jonker was consultant to Pie Medical Imaging (PMI) to improve the quality of our software development processes. PMI develops software for quantitative analysis of medical images, more specific: images of the hearth. As provider of medical software that is used in large image acquisition systems produced by Philips Health Care and Siemens Medical Systems, the accuracy and reproducibility as well as the stability of our software is extremely important. We decided that, also in light of the increasing complexity of our products, improvements of our development process were needed. Hans Jonker guided us in this process. His outstanding knowledge of the software development processes, from requirements management, through design, implementation and verification helped us to set up procedures that were fitting for our organization and product development needs. The maturity of our software procedures was verified by our large OEM customers and helped to maintain a high level of trust and appreciation for our products by our business partners.

CMM was used as the guideline to shape our software processes. Hans Jonker played an important role to make us understand CMM and to set the first and following steps to deploy new ways of working, and not in the least, to evaluate and correct the processes when needed, to get a well fitting set of procedures scaled to fit our organization.

Hans Duisters General Director Sioux Embedded Systems

1997 - 2008

Hans was one of the first employees of Sioux. With his passion and pro-active involvement in a lot of areas, he assists in building Sioux to what it is now. The combination of his process knowledge and his pragmatic attitude has laid a good foundation for the Quality System of Sioux.

The big advantage that I recognize in the CMM(I) is that it structures the development way-of-working to do things the first time right, without being too big and too bureaucratic.
Harry Schlatmann Project  Manager Dräger Medical (Best)

1996 - 1997

(currently: General Director of Fourtress BV)

Hans has played a very proactive role in leading and supporting one of our feasibility projects. It was remarkable how he brought down the walls between the different disciplins. By focusing on a collective team result, he motivated our people and so combined high quality with on time delivery.


Henk Dijkstra

General Director High Tech Automation

1990 - 1997

(currently: General Director of High Tech Solutions)

From the period that Hans worked for High Tech Automation, I remember Hans for his very structured approach, and his drive to push the projects to be on time with the right quality, using his good communication skills to lower the roadblocks.

I see the CMMI as a collection of proven pragmatic best practices for realizing effective and efficient product development. Everyone can select his part and take advantage of these guidelines.